Field Studies

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Field studies are considered by many to be the most powerful tool to teach the Critical Skills.

A field study is a project conducted by a team of students to address a problem or issue in the “real world” under faculty supervision. They provide rigorous and learning rich experiences where students can practice and master their skills while working productively with an educational partner. Given the opportunity, virtually any student can participate and contribute as a field study team member.

Field studies offer an educational experience quite different from the traditional classroom – they are, in a sense, the Socratic Method in action. It is the process that is important – not the content.

Experiencing the process of a field study is the ultimate goal for students at all levels of secondary and higher education. While field studies benefit all participating students, they provide an unparalleled experience for the college-bound student.

Field Studies provides specific steps for teachers and coordinators to lead teams of students through the process of conducting such projects – from identifying the problem or issue to be addressed to creating a work plan, collecting data, performing analysis, and delivering a clear and articulate final report. Not only do such in-depth exercises provide students with confidence in their ability to tackle real-world problems, they help students prepare for college and careers while making meaningful contributions to their communities – a win-win endeavor for all involved.